The Team

This is our Team:

Gwen Dwyer

Position at Jesus JunXion:  Area and Financial Manager

Name: Gwen Charmaine Dwyer


Date of Birth: 23/08/1955

Qualifications: Grade 9

Career History: Office assistant, Manageress

Passions: People

When I became a Christian 9/04/2016

Why am I in Jesus JunXion


When I was asked if I would like to join the Jesus JunXion team, my immediate answer was yes. Why? Was it because she the CEO Gwen du Preez was my daughter? No Then what was it that made me want to be part of this amazing ministry?  In the Bible Jesus said “By their fruits you will know them.” So the more I observe the tree the more I was drawn by the Holy Spirit to this ministry.

Gwen Dwyer JX Area Manager

So when I was asked it was easy to say yes. Gwen’s heart draws her to the poor the lost the sick, the orphans and widows. It is amazing to see how her heart aches for the less fortunate. Her husband never seizes to amaze me. He stays in the back ground but helps by sowing into the ministry. We are a team of prayer warriors.

Contact details:

Phone No: 018 451 0026

Cell No: 076 675 0159

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Position at Jesus JunXion:  Branch and Security Manager at Dominionville branch

Name: Sloan Shane Dwyer.

Born in: Vereeniging

Date of Birth:  24th July 1976

Marriage Status: Married to my beautiful wife Chantell Dwyer for three years and I am the proud dad to a 3-year-old boy Angel Victor Dwyer.

Qualifications:  Matric

Security Grade: C level

I obtained a degree in criminal justice and South African security law, I studied and also became a firearm specialist. Handling as well as dis arming of military and terrorist, bombs and explosives.  From there I pushed myself to become a hand to hand and hand to weapon self-defense instructor.   I have a degree in anti-terrorist tactics, medic as well as a diploma in fire fighting.

Security was my passion and all that I lived for.  But Jesus had a plan with my life.


IMG-20160803-WA0006I have a lot of things in my life that bring me joy and meaning. But most important are my passions and hobbies, I honestly believe that hobbies are the little things that bring a sense of fulfilment and meaning to one’s life. I am lucky because if my Passions and my hobbies are interlinked with each other than you live for only one thing GOD:


Those Hobbies are:

1: Being a child of the most high God

2: Being the best father to my son. The best Brother, Son and Man I possibly can be. Last but not least my 3rd and most special hobby is being a part of this amazing ministry Jesus JunXion.

I don’t know why I am in Jesus JunXion. But what I know is I am glad and very blessed to be worthy and to be chosen to be a part of Jesus JunXion.

Sloan Dwyer - JX Branch Manager
Slaon Dwyer – JX Branch Manager


When I became a child of God I was eleven years old, my choice to give my life to Christ came to be when I realized that Jesus was all I had left. Although I have fallen a lot on my walk with Christ.

I have never looked back. God was preparing me for a time such as this. Being a part of Jesus JunXion, and taking up arms to change the world one person at a time!

Contact details:

Phone No: 076 691 5999

Email Address:

Position at Jesus JunXion: Secretary to CEO and Dominionville Branch

Chantell Dwyer – JX Secretary

Age: 24

Date of Birth: 20 February 1993

Qualification:  Grade 12

Background:  Chantell’s birth town is Tzaneen in the Limpopo province, and obtained her matric in Ben Vorster High School in 2011.

After School: Chantell worked as a secretary at an estate agent as well as a waiter/chef at a restaurant.

Marriage Status:  “I got married to my wonderful husband on 22June 2013. We are the proud parents of a wonderful 3 year old boy Angel Victor Dwyer.”

“God is first in my life for without Him we would not be.  I grew up with my parents going to different churches. I gave my life to God and got baptized in 2011 in Charisma church Klerksdorp.”

Chantell is an arty person, and has always loved to draw and paint especially with children.

Working with Gods people is a dream come true to Chantell and doing it together with her husband and family is a true blessing.

“I became a part of Jesus JunXion in 2014. I love working with children and was taught extra skills by our wonderful CEO. I believe that God called me to be a tool in His almighty hands and to join hands with my family in Jesus JunXion.  Although we stumble and fall trusting in God we can do it all.”

Contact details:

Cell No: 071 482 8325

Office No: 081 453 7488

Email Address:

Hi we are Andre and Gwen the founders of this ministry

Names: Andre and Gwen du Preez

Andre and Gwen

Marriage Status: Married

Wedding Anniversary: 14 February 2004

Position at Jesus JunXion:  Founders – Vice Chairperson and Chairperson

We are the proud parents of five very beautiful children.

As a young girl I always told my mom I want to go to a convent when I grow up and live for Jesus forever.  As I got older I really pushed God away and ignored the inner voice pressing me forward into ministry full


I started my Christian walk with God in the Seventh Day Adventist when I was 6, that’s when I knew the God I had prayed to for so long His name was Jesus, I was baptized at 13 and walking a road with God I had always dreamed of.  BUT life kicks in and choices are made,  I kicked against the calling on my life, married a wonderful man at the age of 17 had my first child at 18 divorced at 28.  My life map that I had when I was still 6 looked nothing like what I had before me.

I married an amazing man 2 years later and 7 years after our marriage I finally decided to listen to the calling God had on my life, I resigned my work and went full time into ministry.  I am still studying for my doctors of Ministry degree.  I started off thinking I would go into business for myself, open a book shop BUT we have to remember God laughs in the face of our plans… and I ended up giving every book away.  Through the pain of my past God started sending people to me that were suffering and before I knew it. My shop was now a place where I was washing feet, praying and counselling with people who were as broken as I once was.

Andre – Vice Chairperson and Jack of all trades

I then moved to Dominionville where my husband and I bought a house we wanted to start a business for our retirement, again God thought that was so funny.  A few months after me and my youngest daughter moved there I had a crèche running out of my house.  My daughter and I had a room and the rest of the house became a crèche with classrooms, kitchen to cook food and we were feeding up to 40 needy children two plates of food a day for free.  Our crèche got too big for us and them so we bought another house and put the crèche into a home of its own.

If I look at the real hero in the last 13 Years of my life it would be my wonderful husband Andre du Preez, he has stayed on the side lines supporting financially, physically and emotionally not forgetting technically this ministry for the last 4 years. Always pushing me to not give up on what God has got in store for us.

So we are on this amazing flight with Jesus Christ as our Pilot and we are looking forward to our next destination.

Contact details:

Phone No: 081 453 7488

Cell No: 083 231 2138

Email Address: