My Intimate moments with God:

I have had wonderful, amazing, intimate moments with God through the years, that I would love to share with you all.

We were staying in 49 Umgeni street, Stilfontein, at the time, and my routine on waking was first to get hubby off to work, then my quiet time. then feed   the children before they leave to catch the bus to school, then I make my first cup of coffee.

That’s when I would invite the Holy Spirit to sit with me on the closed veranda and I would talk to Him and tell Him about my day and any problem I may have.

I discuss my children and my husband with Him. And on this particular morning, I was downcast because I had a few problems and didn’t want to talk about them.


Just then a little mossie bird landed on the grass right in front of us. And after hopping about took a twig in its beak and tried to fly, but the twig was too heavy and he would just come down again. After a few more attempts I turned and said to the Holy Spirit, can You believe that bird is trying to fly with that big twig why doesn’t the foolish bird just put it down.

Right then I had this impression in my heart, I was all ears, I knew that I was about to learn a lesson from the Master Problem Solver. YOU Gwen are just like this bird trying to carry a load that is too heavy for you to bear, Gwen you were never meant to carry the loads in your life.

I will carry them if you will let me.

I want to encourage anyone whose load is too heavy, give it to God. He loves you with an everlasting love, and longs to carry it for you.

1 Peter5:7 Cast all your anxieties upon me because I care for you. God bless.

Written by: Gwen Dwyer


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