Breaking Ground

When we think of Jesus calling all the children to Him i am so glad that the example that was set that day was to all children, every background, every ethnic group and every colour. Thank you Lord that you beckoned all children to draw close to you, without worrying about the stench, worrying about if they could speak right, if they dressed proper or if they were clothed in the right colour skin..

Lord how many times have you looked down on this earth asking who can I send as you see adults, scorn, kick, swear and beat a child because of his creed or colour, because he had no water to take a bath, or he slept in the bushes to try and hide from the human race How many times my Lord?

I see this world is on fire, I see people running for their lives people losing the race.. and I ask myself my Jesus are we more lost then we thought, are we so busy keeping ourselves protected and safe, are we hiding our own short comings to look more perfect then we want people to know.

When will we see that the car I bought last Christmas or my dream house in mane means nothing when we have a world around us dying, men woman and children being haunted by long lost memories of centuries gone by, memories their mothers and fathers learnt from stories around the campfire or in anger when our grandparents taught our parents that revenge is the only way..

Why will you choose death when God has called you to live, why would rise in anger when fear, hunger and poverty has stripped South Africa of its dignity. We slaughter our men woman and children in their beds torturing them for crimes they did not commit. We stand at the gates entitled to a life we did not live. You walked a road of crime and shame and throw your arrows and shoot your bullets at the people not guilty of these claims, not part of these chains.

God sent Jesus the son of God to this earth to be all human, live a life of complete horror to show you that this life you live is possible, it is possible to say I forgive, it is possible to say I am sorry, He the son of God went and died a death you need not die so that you can live a life you did not deserve and what has happened.. you have become the judge and juror of a nation who was set free 2000 years ago, who was called to be more than it has become. You walk a stalker of the night keeping South Africa imprisoned behind the bars of fear and hate. who do you think you are? Today I proclaim there is love and forgiveness for you too. There is mercy and grace just turn from your ways.

I pray oh broken man see the people you have maimed, the hearts of fear that you have claimed. Know today, I Gwen du Preez of Jesus JunXion, I do not know your name, but I will pray for you daily I will plead before my Saviour to save your soul, God does not hold grudges and He forgives with an abounding love of glorious joy that no man can ever show.

Those torn by crime, destroyed by fire or hurt by an angry soul, I pray for your complete healing and total forgiveness that you will look at the one who hurt you and see the love and mercy of the One True Living God who in His loving mercy calls them too to His thrown of Grace!!

Just taking it one step at a time. For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Nelson Mandela

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