Two reasons

I shaved my head for two reasons

One is for my change of seasons
All the old of and gone
Standing strong
People will judge and gossip
Like my hair fell to the ground

Their words to will fall
A new year a new me
Showing my son how you look does not determine who you are
And listening to people won’t help you by far
Our identity in Christ is what matters

For He is the truth the way and the life
My second reason is close to my heart
Looking up to dearest woman and men
Standing strong coming out like a gem
The C attacking their bodies

Bravely the fight thru
Treatments and operations
Brave warriors
Some of them rest sooner
And they will be dearly missed

For all those who are victorious
Those that are still fighting are looking up to for inspiration
No one braver none stronger
As those wonderful warriors
Those still with us and those no longer
May God bless you and make you stronger

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