One Direction Youth


One Direction Youth was birthed in August of 2014 in Dominionville… 

Shane and Chantell Dwyer

Who are the parents of One Direction?

We are!!!  Shane and Chantell DAngel Dwyerwyer.

We got married 22 June 2013 and we are the proud parents of a little boy named Angel Victor Dwyer.

He is truly our messenger from God, our super bundle of excitement and love.

Girls groupAlthough Angel is our only child he has a lot of brothers and sisters in One Direction Youth group.

Our community here in Dominionville, is a community that is poverty-stricken and filled with violence, drugs and heartache.

The youth of our town needed a safe place to get together, someone to talk to when the pressure of everyday life gets too much.

Boys group

A place where they are introduced to the Greatest Father of all; God Almighty. We as people can only be present certain   times but God is always present to protect, guide and love these children.

One Directions name is exactly what it says; there is only one direction we aim in and that is straight into the arms of Jesus.

With the worldimagestxl1hvv8 offering so many detours and turn offs for young people today they quickly lose sight of the one true direction.

God uses us as direction guides, to guide our children in Christ back twhatsapp-image-2016-12-14-at-17-23-45o our Lord and Savior..

Our dream… and our payer… is that God will bring change and salvation to these children and their families.

Only God can perform the miracles in their lives, we are merely the tools in His Almighty hands.

In Christ we are a winning team!