About us

Gwen du Preez – Founder & CEO

Jesus JunXion – started forming in our spirits early in 2011, we saw death and destruction in our towns on the news in our families and friends and children taking their own lives. I asked so many questions of myself, of God and all I knew was that if One person didn’t stand up and start making a change… one person at a time… it won’t stop.. I can’t change the world or one person But Jesus can!!

God said come follow me and I will make you fishers of men. So I took the Jesus that is in me and decided to share Him with the world!! One person at a time…

Jesus JunXion is the platform God bloomed inside of me to reach the people of every town I come in contact with. I in my capacity as human being am nothing and I can do nothing, my bank account is in negative digits. I asked God, Lord if I have nothing and am nothing, what can I do? And the Lord answered saying

Romans 12:7 “If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well.”

My Skill as counselor and My studies as Pastor, but most of all my restoration and God’s transformation from an unworthy sinner to a child of the most High God is what I bring to you, I have the power of the Holy Spirit, the knowledge God has imparted into my soul which daily transforms me more and more… to be like Jesus… I am so imperfect, BUT with Jesus I stand up every day!

You do not know me, and I am just a lowly sinner saved by grace, but I can give you counseling, I can teach you to use a computer, create a cv, look for work on the internet. I can help you learn to read and write, I can pray with you or for you. Should you not wish to meet with me, but have a need, please feel free to leave an anonymous note in my post box, in my fence, you don’t even need to tell me your problem, I will just pray, we serve a God that knows everything a God who loves, no strings attached.

Their is no judgement, and Jesus JunXion is not a church, I am not asking for your money, and I am not asking for your time, or your donation, I am only telling you, here I am, this is me….. I come to serve, everything is for free. I give counseling 24/7 (I am bound by law to keep all counseling sessions confidential), Jesus JunXion gives computer courses free (Coffee also on the house….hehehe), Jesus JunXion also gives bibles when available.

Jesus JunXion is a registered Bible college in partnership with international acreditors, supplying international qualifications, if you would like to study as a Pastor.  Jesus JunXion can aid in guiding you, and for those not able to pay for the qualification, I encourage you to join in on the lessons for personal growth free of charge.

Sometimes we need someone to hear the cry that is deep inside of us, we walk and talk all the right things and make the right faces, but that doesn’t mean you are whole; being broken, doesn’t make you not good enough, it just makes you human!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and becoming your friend.

God Bless,