Jesus JunXion was born out of a passion for people and their spiritual well-being. Counselling forms the core of the services that we offer and is usually the first contact that people have with Jesus JunXion.

Why counselling you ask?  As a child my brothers and I had a difficult time, it included molestation and the list goes on and when i turned 21 i was attacked in my home raped while 6 months pregnant with my daughter of 18months with me, I thought i was going to die.  I didnt understand why as a child of God such a thing could happen. I remember sitting in the hospital…so many thoughts were running through my mind. I prayed for solace, and this woman came to me, she was a staff member at the hospital and a registered counsilor. She sat down touched my hand, and asked me if she can talk me through this.  I was so excited, finally i can speak to someone who understands.  I asked her about her excperience and was so angry when she informed me that she never went through this but also she didnt know God.  So what answers could she give me? Who am I going to turn to God??  I asked myself and asked this woman to leave.  The healing that we receive in our lives comes through God only, but when we can speak to someone who expereinced our pain, we feel less lonely. So after some studies i can provide a 24/7 counselling service for trauma and life threatening situations as well as problems that others feel is nothing to cry about… but still your heart is so burdened by it.  It is never to late in life to make a change.. and search for healing, and all counselling is free of charge.

Over the years Jesus JunXion has helped many people overcome difficulty in different areas of their lives by actively restoring people into a relationship with God and walking the distance with them while Jesus heals their spirit.  So your pain, i am here to share in it with you.. Just give yourself a chance. You deserve it!

Counselling can be arranged by appointment. Contact us for more information.